106 Faith-Leaders Sign Letter to Congressional Leadership

I wish so-called “Christian” leaders would do as good a job at preaching the true Gospel as they do pontificating about our responsibility to “protect the International Affairs Budget.” Considering the demonstrated morality, or rather lack thereof, of some of the signatories to this letter, it sounds more like a propaganda piece for the Marxist Social Justice Warrior crowds.

Furthermore, bringing Muslims to this country from countries that have no government structures to allow us to vett those who are coming into this country as part of some “refugee program” is just asking for trouble. And why is it that about 80% of these so-called refugees are men of military fighting age? This is the cultural invasion of Islam going on throughout the Western world, and we need to wake up and smell the Sharia coming our way, or else we are doomed to face the same cultural collapse that all of Europe is facing this very moment.

If we really want to help as many of these people as possible, then we can set up safe zones in their countries, and take care of 12 refugees for what it costs to settle 1 refugee here in this country. It really isn’t about helping refugees, or getting the Gospel to them, it’s about the agencies that are bringing them in and resettling them getting big bucks from the federal government. Now some ill-informed religious person will say, “But we’re giving them the Gospel!” The truth is, these Muslim refugees aren’t being given the Gospel. How do I know they’re not getting the Gospel? It’s because every one of the agencies bringing the Muslims into this country have signed contracts with the federal government expressly forbidding them to proselytize or evangelize the Muslims. Anyone who says differently is either ignorant or lying.

Also, I reject the notion that showing compassion means we must risk national suicide. It is a fact that Muslims DO NOT assimilate into any culture where they go. Even in our own country, just look at cities like Dearborn, Michigan, which is called such things as “Little Mecca,” or Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is being called “Little Mogadishu.” Look at any place the Muslims go—they do not assimilate!!! Just look at Europe right now. Even after having been in Europe for several generations, there are Muslims committing horrific terrorist acts. They are homegrown terrorists. We are either stupid or insane to think it will be different for us. When I hear these “leaders,” both political and spiritual, going on about compassion, I NEVER hear them talking about compassion for the citizens of this nation, the welfare of said citizens, or the preservation of our culture, however messed up it currently may be. I must insist it is better than any so-called “culture” Islam has, or ever has had, to offer. I’m certain these leaders WILL NOT step up and bear the responsibility of showing compassion to, and caring for, the victims of the terrorist attacks these people are bringing. Yes, over 70 terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by people from the countries President Trump is trying to put a temporary travel restriction on. And many political and religious leaders act like it’s the worst thing since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I think the victims, and the families of any future victims, of Islamic terrorist attacks should call these very signatories to give an account of themselves for aiding and abetting terrorists to enter the country and attack our citizens.

Finally, I’m sick and tired of ivory tower intellectuals and religious elites who live in gated communities with private security guards trying to tell the rest of us how bringing in these non-assimilating people will all be okay. Right!!! Perhaps they should forego their closed gates, private security, and securely alarm systems on top of that, then their reassuring words might be a lot more reassuring. Well, I doubt it! They just need to stop trying to act like they know what’s best for the rest of the citizenry. I dare one of these turkeys to start talking this smack in a meeting where I’m in attendance. I will have my own very LOUD protest. It’ll be peaceful, but LOUD!!!

And I will reiterate something I’ve said many times in the last few years. NOBODY HAS A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO ENTER THIS COUNTRY!

Here is the link to the letter “106 Faith-Leaders Sign Letter to Congressional Leadership Supporting U.S. International Affairs Budget“.


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